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About Rose

My Background

Hi! I'm Rosalee West. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health Psychology. I have always had a passion for learning how to help people optimize their health and happiness in their life. I have helped people learn about nutrition and the effects of exercise on mental health. I also have used Reiki to help people heal and feel more peace in their life. I have worked with many women in discovering their self worth and inner strength. Becoming a doula is the perfect next step for me to help empower women. I have a passion for birth and I believe that it can unlock in women greater strength and self love. I want to help them on the journey in becoming a new mother, whether for the first time or 10th time.


About Madison

My Background

Hi! I'm Madison. A mom of 3, and birth/postpartum doula-to-be! Birth is my passion, and postpartum has been a different experience every time. EVERYONE deserves the birth of their dreams, and I hope to help you achieve that. With my training and experience, I believe any mama can and should have an AMAZING labor/birth/postpartum experience. Going about it alone is hard; going about it even with your partner can be hard if they don't know how to help you. Let me help you. Let me help them help you! Together, we can achieve the birth of your dreams!


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